Cavin Traveling Fellowship ‘09

Competition Finalist.

This project uses an integrated sun-shading device as a metaphor for a new direction. Looking at directional cues of the traffic flow in this small, urban environment, the sweeping sun-shade conjures images of the inhabitants turning a corner in a new life path.

This as well as other environmental systems are made manifest as a way of expressing the importance of sustainability to a new future. There are many building integrated elements that respond to our current climate crisis. The roof system deals with power generation by using photovoltaic arrays as well as an integrated wind turbine. Water runoff and collection issues are tackled by a sod roof and water capture tanks feeding a greywater system. The sod roof also serves as an opportunity to grow food for the sandwich shop and café below. The aforementioned sun-shade protects the west façade from the intense setting sun. The Atrium acts as a way to get daylight deep into the building as well as cutting down the floor plates for increased cross ventilation.

By integrating these environmental elements into the overall design these systems serve as ornament, which creates a dynamic presence on the corner of Jefferson and 4th street.