Cavin Traveling Fellowship ‘10

This project seeks to echo the surrounding topography with strong, simple shed forms linked together by an expressive canopy; much in the same way the skiers, chairlifts and snow apparatus link the mountain faces.

The sheds are further expressions of program. The vehicle and maintenance shed is a simple form clad in cor-ten steel, with large steel framed openings.

The patrol center is the same shed form with a more refined wood cladding material, and elegant steel framed openings.

The canopy link, is also pitched in such a way as to collect all the water and snow hitting the roof surfaces, collecting it for use in a radiant geothermal heating and cooling system, as well as for use as a greywater system.

These same roof surfaces are used as a power source with translucent (canopies) and opaque (sheds) photovoltaic arrays.